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King​ Air Photography LLC


We can deliver great results in aerial photography 

for businesses, homes or special needs.  Registered, licensed

insured professionals that can produce what you are looking for.

Great photos at an affordable price.  Just call for a price. 

419 410-9371

Upcoming Events

Do you have an event that you want to show a new building, development, or the size of your crowd?

Special Events

Capture moments from a different angle than what people are use to seeing.  

Business photos 

Photo angles that show off your product, signage and inventory.

Click here to change this text. Use this text to describe more about this event and why people should attend. Also, you can double click on the picture to the right to change it to something that matches your business better.

Maybe a time for bragging.

An overall view of your facility that beckons people to want to see more.

Show the amenities.

An overall view of your facility that beckons people to want to see more.

A view of your home on the waterfront.

Capture the damage done from nature's worst

for insurance.

Document your company's work from engineering to construction.

You be the director of how you want your photos shot or I'll provide many angles and

heights to choose from.

Show construction, insurance claims, businesses, homes or just a special need, 

we can get it done at a good price .  

Maybe your boat from the air.

Your business building for newsletters.


Completed projects like this parking lot.


Highlight the esthetics of your designs.  


Commercial real estate marketing.  


Put In Bay in the evening.


Perry's Monument at Put In Bay, Ohio.


King Air Photography LLC is a member 



Complex design​s to service the needs.​

Point Place Lighthouse in Toledo, Ohio.


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